the SCHNUCKI project

On this page you find various email-addresses, some are crippled and others are hidden hidden. It is intended as an experiment for gathering information about the intelligence of so called harvesters (more or less intelligent programs which scan through webpages for email-addresses their masters send UCE to).

Every address on this page is generated according to the requesting ip-address, the actual unix timestamp and two tags, one for the server this page lies on and the other for the method the address was crippled. This setup provides the possibility to make statements about the intelligence of harvesters and effectiveness of crippling email-addresses in contrast to the increased difficulty to communicate with the address-owner.

An email-address is separated into several parts, for example is divided into:

mail-address shortcut description no non-crippled mailaddress, not linked
mail li non-crippled mailaddress, linked, without description ld non-crippled mailaddress, linked, with description
ilecqfraoopmalrd-sacccc at schnucki dot koeln dot ccc dot de sa not linked, "." and "@" replaced by "dot" and "at"
ilecqfraoopmalrd-sbcccc (at) schnucki (dot) koeln (dot) ccc (dot) de sb not linked, "." and "@" replaced by "(dot)" and "(at)" sc not linked, "@" replaced by "#"
ilecqfraoopmalrd-sdcccc at schnucki dot koeln dot ccc dot de sd "." and "@" replaced by "dot" and "at"
ilecqfraoopmalrd-secccc (at) schnucki (dot) koeln (dot) ccc (dot) de se "." and "@" replaced by "(dot)" and "(at)" sf "@" replaced by "#"
ilecqfraoopmalrd-sgcccc at sg "@" replaced by "at", not linked
ilecqfraoopmalrd-shcccc at sh "@" replaced by "at" ha several html comments in mailaddress, not linked hb some chars replaced by html entities, not linked hc several html comments in mailaddress hd some chars replaced by html entities ra additional string NOSPAM in local part rb additional string NOSPAM in domain rc additional string REMOVETHIS in local part rd additional string REMOVETHIS in domain

(This page is generated by schnucki 20031002, (k) copyleft by fd0)