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Anonymity, Digital Mixes, and Remailers:
Future Remailers

   8.12.1.  "What are the needed features for the Next Generation
           + Some goals
             - generally, closer to the goals outlined in Chaum's 1981
                paper on "Untraceable E-Mail"
             - Anonymity
             - Digital Postage, pay as you go, ,market pricing
             - Traffic Analysis foiled
           +  Bulletproof Sites:
             - Having offshore (out of the U.S.) sites is nice, but
                having sites resistant to pressures from universities and
                corporate site administrators is of even greater
                practical consequence. The commercial providers, like
                Netcom, Portal, and Panix, cannot be counted on to stand
                and fight should pressures mount (this is just my guess,
                not an aspersion against their backbones, whether organic
                or Internet).
             - Locating remailers in many non-U.S. countries is a Good
                Idea. As with money-laundering, lots of countries means
                lots of jurisdictions, and the near impossibility of
                control by one country.
           + Digital Postage, or Pay-as-you-Go Services:
             - Some fee for the service. Just like phone service, modem
                time, real postage, etc. (But unlike highway driving,
                whose usage is largely subsidized.)
             - This will reduce spamming, will incentivize remailer
                services to better maintain their systems, and will
             - Rates would be set by market process, in the usual way.
                "What the traffic will bear." Discounts, favored
                customers, rebates, coupons, etc. Those that don't wish
                to charge, don't have to (they'll have to deal with the
           + Generations
             - 1st Gen--Today's Remailer:
             - 2nd Gen--Near Future (c. 1995)
             - 3rd Gen-
             - 4th Gen--
   8.12.2. Remailing as a side effect of mail filtering
           - Dean Tribble has proposed...
           - "It sounds like the plan is to provide a convenient mail
              filtering tool which provides remailer capability as a SIDE
              EFFECT! What a great way to spread remailers!" [Hal Finney,
   8.12.3. "Are there any remailers which provide you with an anonymous
            account to which other people may send messages, which are
            then forwarded to you in a PGP-encrypted form?" [Mikolaj
            Habryn, 94-04]
           - "Yes, but it's not running for real yet. Give me a few
              months until I get the computer + netlink for it. (It's
              running for testing though, so if you want to test it, mail
              me, but it's not running for real, so don't *use* it.)"
              [Sameer Parekh, 94-04-03]
   8.12.4. "Remailer Alliances"
           + "Remailer's Guild"
             - to make there be a cost to flakiness (expulsion) and a
                benefit to robustness, quality, reliability, etc.
                (increased business)
             - pings, tests, cooperative remailing
             - spreading the traffic to reduce effectiveness of attacks
           - which execute protocols
           - e.g., to share the traffic at the last hop, to reduce
              attacks on any single remailer

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