Open Chaos May: Hackers and Makers in the USA

OpenChaos in May brings you a presentation in English by Rose White from Brooklyn, New York, about the growing movement of spaces where hackers make things and the people behind them.

Hackerspaces are places where hackers can meet and collaborate on projects.
Recently (and partly inspired by the CCC), spaces like NYCResistor in New York or HacDC in Washington, DC, have opened and started something like a movement of self-organized hacker lairs in the USA where people come together to solder, build things, code, and share ideas and tools.
All this seems to be part of a larger movement of do-it-yourself culture and making things, with events like Maker Faire attracting approximately 65,000 people in attendance.

Rose White, whose geeky interests include crafting, blinking LEDs, and sociology, will talk about hackerspaces and the maker culture in America. Expect pretty pictures and witty comments.

This OpenChaos will be on May, 29th 2008 at the Chaos Computer Club Cologne. It will start at 8pm (20:00) CET.

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